Facilitating Trade & Investment

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To effectively and efficiently rebuild Haiti, the country needs practical initiatives to build profitable businesses through either direct investment or by providing a profitable route to market for existing Haitian businesses. Trade and investment are essential to the recovery of Haiti’s economy. Despite the challenges that exist in Haiti there are real opportunities being constantly presented. Soul of Haiti aims to utilise our specific industry sector expertise and our relationships with Irish and international businesses to encourage investment in Haiti. 

The Soul of Haiti Foundation has been actively encouraging Irish and international businesses to seize the opportunities that exist in Haiti. Since the earthquake we have facilitated the visits of many entrepreneurs all exploring the opportunity to invest in Haiti. We have also established significant trading relationships between Haitian and Irish businesses in the areas of coffee and textiles. Many more opportunities exist mainly in the areas of construction, agriculture and tourism. If you are interested in finding out more about investment opportunities please contact us.

Many Irish people can see the potential that exists in Haiti and there are many examples of success trade and investment.

*Irish Coffee Company Java Republic now purchase Haitian coffee beans Coffee from Rebo Coffee in Haiti. Java have bought over      US$1m of Haitian coffee to date.

*Two Irish entrepreneurs have developed an Irish Bar and Village in Port au Prince. The ‘Village’ has retail outlets, a restaurant            and  a bar and is a hub for Haitians as well as NGO personnel.

*Other examples of Irish investment in Haiti are the establishment of a construction company led by Irish businessman and Soul of    Haiti Board Member, John Bowen.

*The Foundation has recently partnered with INFORHT, the Hospitality & Tourism College in Les Cayes, Southern Haiti.                        We believe    that the service industry has a huge role to play in the future development of Haiti. Haiti is a beautiful country and          we  must provide the facilities and resources which will encourage people to visit. Service elevation is an integral part of the                 Governments Strategy ‘Haiti is ready for Business’ and this college will provide the enthusiastic, driven and inspired people we           need to bring Haiti to the next level.”

Soul of Haiti continues to facilitate visits of entrepreneurs interested in investing in Haiti and hope this are will expand over the         coming years.