Supporting an Enterprise Culture

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Here our focus is on programmes and initiatives that will make a major contribution towards the creation of a positive environment for the development of enterprise in Haiti.

Successful business can be created in Haiti but  there needs to be active support in order for these to thrive.

Brand Haiti

Brand Haiti is one of these projects. The Brand Haiti project does not simply involve the development of a logo, strap line, tourism advert or other top line marketing and communication elements. Instead, it is the uncovering, development and delivery of the powerful essence that is Haiti. It is about sharing this with the outside world to positively impact on the perception and reputation of this wonderful country.

Through Brand Haiti and other complimentary programmes and with the support of governmental agencies, Haiti can create an environment where businesses succeed and employment is created across various industries.

Clinton Global Initiative – Haiti Action Network

Since 2009, under the leadership of Denis O’Brien and CGI’s Haiti Action Network, CGI members have devoted considerable resources to Haiti, most significantly following the 2010 earthquake. The challenges members face and the lessons learned from their work can help improve ongoing projects in Haiti, as well as inform future efforts when responding to natural disasters around the globe.

Soul of Haiti has been a member of the CGI Haiti Action Network since it was established in 2009 and our previous Chairman Michael Carey, acted as the rapporteur for the Industry and Enterprise Group for several years.