Abacou Community Programme

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The community of Abacou has a population of approximately 6500 and like most of Haiti suffers from high unemployment and poor infrastructure. This coastal village was originally a hub of activity for fishing, however when the Irish entrepreneurs visited in 2007 they were struck by the poor

 boats and equipment used by the fishermen and were moved when told told by locals of the high number of fatalities at sea due to the sub standard resources. Funds were raised and new boats, equipment and life jackets were given to the local community on their return in 2008. Since then Soul of Haiti, in partnership with Grant Engineering, has been actively engaging in developing livelihoods within this community.

Our Work

The Foundation has built a well to provide fresh water and has brought in solar paneled street lights. In order to create local enterprises and sustainable livelihoods for the community, Soul of Haiti recently completed the building of an Enterprise Center. This Center has been fitted with solar paneled refrigeration units for use by the fishermen and is providing a hub for existing businesses, a facility to create new businesses and a training area for the local community.

We have in particular noticed the strong sense of entrepreneurship among the women in Abacou and are currently developing a new program which focuses on female leadership and empowerment. The aim is to give local women the tools to create sustainable incomes which will benefit the whole community.

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August 2014 – Madame Vanni starts taking in alterations

July 2014 – Sewing Coop Finished Training & Start on Uniforms

June 2014 – Sewing Group in Training with Femmes en Democratie 

March 2014 – Soul of Haiti Trip to Abacou



Country Director Damien Meaney talks about Abacou: