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Our Mission

To empower communities to create their own success through their relationship with a community of Irish entrepreneurs.

Our Aims:

• We aim to build enterprises, while engaging in humanitarian initiatives as they are encountered at our project sites.
• Taking a ‘whole-community’ approach in a limited number of prioritised locations, to address a number of issues. A plan for each prioritised location will include both a number of Soul of Haiti projects and the co-ordinated effort of identified ‘partner’ organisations.
• Successfully leveraging our entrepreneurial/business skills and our ability to organise.
• Using our political and media connections in Ireland, UK and Europe, to play a role to put Haiti ‘on the map’.

Our over-arching objective is to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the people we have encountered on our visits to Haiti. The Irish entrepreneurs, members of the Soul of Haiti Foundation, have made a real commitment to use our business skills and resources to realise that aim. The potential role of the Private Sector in providing a part of the solution for countries such as Haiti is a powerful one, by working closely with the local community and with other interested organisations.

Our Approach:

Since its establishment, the Foundation and its members have been working to create new businesses and a better future for the people of Haiti. Following the devastating earthquake on 12th January 2010 the challenge has become even greater. The Soul of Haiti Foundation is committed to leveraging entrepreneurial/business skills and an ability to organise to help the social and economic circumstances in Haiti.

The Soul of Haiti Foundation illustrates the power of engagement of the Private Sector in development, how a business approach can be applied to project management and the sustainable benefits of economic development as a means of alleviating poverty and creating sustainable livelihoods.

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