Investing in Haiti

Great Reasons to do Business in Haiti

• Haiti is making strides to becoming an attractive business opportunity
• Unfilled market opportunities
• Significant financial assistance possible
• Tariff free gateway to nearby US for certain products
• Cheap labour
• Zero corporate and income tax for 15 years
• Long term security guarantees
• Bill Clinton appointed as UN special envoy pushing business development hard
• Strong CSR credentials for any form of activity

Business Opportunities in Haiti


• Replacement of imports of cereals,poultry.
•Export to US of high value fruit and Veg. such as peppers,
( 3 crops a year and very cheap labour ).
•Possibilities for ingredients, adding value etc.


• Creation of most services for local market
• Perfect time zone for outsourcing, call centres etc. targeted at major conurbations of the Americas, low costs, broadband etc.

Manufacturing & sourcing

Many major US clothing brands are manufacturing or sourcing here as an alternative to Asia due to price, transport and tax/duty advantages.

Hospitality & Tourism

One hour from the US, central in the Caribbean, better beaches than the Bahamas 30 minutes away, with land at a tiny fraction of the cost.


There will be a roll-out of infrastructural projects funded by the World Bank, the US etc. commencing with ports.


There is significant unfilled demand and the expectation of growth in demand for many years. Natural attributes exist for the exploitation wind, solar and biofuel solutions.

Further Information

For further information on investing in Haiti go to the CFI website. The centre for Investment Facilitation (CFI) was founded in 2006 with the objective to facilitate and promote private investment in Haiti and is an excellent resource with comprehensive information on Haiti’s economy, key sectors and doing business in Haiti.